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Welcome to FREE-online.org.uk, the web resource that accompanies ‘FREE’. This student resource is for seekers and sceptics who want to explore the message of Jesus with an open and adult mind. We want to answer your questions about ‘Mark’ and to tackle the big questions of life.

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Life throws up many awkward questions that are so easily repressed and pushed to the side. Here is an opportunity to stop, reflect, and to examine our own belief-system.

  • FAQ's about Mark

    Dr Peter Williams, PhD, was raised in a Christian home and came to faith aged about 12. He increased in the intellectual understanding of the faith during... more...

  • Why become a Christian when Christians are as bad as anyone else?

    Dr Daniel Strange, PhD, got involved in church and Boys Brigade as a kid because he enjoyed the sport, even though he didn’t really believe the Jesus... more...

  • Do Bad People Get Away With It?

    Paul Clarke didn't grow up as a Christian, but when he was 17 he was taught that Jesus' resurrection proves Him to be the King of everything, and everywhere... more...